oa-text-fb-ratioAdult Classes £5 - Kids £4 - Pay as you Go

Adult Membership £35/pm - Kids £25/pm

(Prices do not include Krav Maga & Judo classes)


10am/11am ~Awake & Alive~ Start your day the right way with our short workout, using bodyweight and other tools for maximum effect

1pm/2pm ~AFM~ Tailored specific to our members. Every session is different

4.15pm/5.15pm  ~Kids Judo~ click to contact

5.15pm/6pm  ~Kids Krav~ click to contact

6pm/6.45pm  ~Teen Krav~ click to contact

6.45pm/7.30pm ~iFlows~ A revolutionary, active recovery workout

7.30pm/9.30pm ~Reiki Healing~ Experience and learn Reiki Healing and how to use it


10am/11am ~Awake & Alive~

1pm/2pm ~AFM~

5pm/6pm ~KidSpirit~ 7-12yrs ~ Teaching children fun movement skills

6pm/7pm ~AFM~


10am/11am ~Awake & Alive~

1pm/2pm ~AFM~

4.30pm/5.15pm - Kids Krav Maga click to contact

5.15pm/6pm - Kids Krav Maga click to contact

6pm/7pm ~KettleBells for all~ Learn how to use & excel with a Kettlebell


10pm/11am ~Awake & Alive~

1pm/2pm ~AFM~

5pm/6pm ~KidSpirit~ 7-12yrs~

6pm/7pm ~FitBall~ Using various kinds of fitness balls to hit every area of the body


10am/11am ~Awake & Alive~

1pm/2pm ~AFM~

5pm/6pm ~Youth Development Group~ Movement & Mind set

6pm/7pm ~Club/Mace~ Dedicated to Mace & Club. Enjoy learning these ancient training methods

7pm ~Mixed Martial Arts~ Years of experience go into our MMA classes

~ Friday Night Fun Deal ~

Try Club-Mace AND Martial Conditioning for just £6



10am/11am ~Saturday Restoration~ Enjoy a light workout and restoration session to see you into the weekend

 On every 3rd Sunday of the month we host a Shamanic Drum Circle. 4.30/7.30pm 

Drum, Dance, Sing and Journey with us, for only £5

"We help people come together and empower themselves to find their inner voice. In doing this one begins to remember whom THEY TRULY ARE" - Alison